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Change your mental programs that are blocking you

Get the understanding of what is holding YOU back from the results you deserve.

Get better relationships and more happyness in your daily life

Get a better economy


  • You can speak English


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Butterflies Academy is a:

  • 2 months program
  • Daily assignments for Fast Reprogramming
  • 9 Weekly Zoom Live Lessons
  • 10 Video Lessons
  • Study 2 Books
  • Personal Contact

Butterflies- Are very powerful, and resistant, and can fly thousands of km even with damaged wings, and they move graciously and effortlessly toward their goals...

Do you feel STUCK and do you experience:

Being Overwhelmed



Lack of Energy

Problems at work

Problems in your relations

DO YOU have a HUGE DESIRE to Progress in your PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL life?

THEN JOIN NOW! JOIN the Metamorphosis!

You deserve:

Being YOU!!! And having Mental Programs that support you instead of Blocking you! Confidence

Healthy Habits

JOY and Laughters




Renewed Mindset

How does it work? Well, we can not get new lasting results, without reprogramming the mental blocks inside the subconscious. THIS IS A PROCESS, therefore we have exercises and lessons, and meetings.

When we reprogram the subconscious we work with

PARADIGMs- mental programs with almost EXCLUSIVE CONTROL over our habitual behavior.- AND - Almost all of our behavior is habitual!

Certain paradigms make people feel always stressed; or angry; or have problems with weight; or the economy etc..

If changing these programs, you can get mentally, financially, in your relationships, in every area of your life – FREE AT LAST!

Do not wait; act now and take this chance!

Please observe there will be 2 groups one In ENGLISH and one in Danish. Please let me know which of them you want to JOIN.

Kindest Regards


Kindest regards

Din instruktør

billede af Stela Hansen
Stela Hansen
Destiny Coach, AIA Aromatherapist, Body Therapist

Who is Stela Hansen?

I am so privileged to be working with the Mind-Body- Nature connection.

1. I am a Certified Destiny Coach @ Dynamic Destinies (taught by the world-renowned Peggy Mc Coll. And am proud to be working with her programs).

2. Certified Aromatherapist recognized by AIA (Alliance of Internationale Aromatherapists)

(with training in Chemical Components, GC MS, Aromatherapy, Component blending, Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists, etc)

3. Clinical massage therapist (with training in: Cupping, Guasha, Trigger points, Trigger Points Acupuncture, Forward Head Posture, Shoulder Master Course Pack, Kinesio Taping, Anatomy Physiology, etc).

Clinical Applications and customer treatments

4. Product Development for EU market


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Dansk Butterflies/ 2 Months Coaching for Fast Success

34.000,00 kr.