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Building the Wave and Momentum

Embracing Self-Expression and Authenticity

Soul Guidance and Intuition

Transformative Healing and Reprogramming


  • Fluent in English
  • Ready for Metamorphosis


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The world needs more of the REAL YOU! Show! Open yourself, your TURE SOUL, your TRUE SPIRIT...

Let it Guide you, Let it Inspire you!!!!

It is the time... The transformation time... never wait until you feel ready or the "perfect moment" is there.

You are ready now.

Your soul has been ready since you were born!

Show yourself.

Speak your truth.

Show your beauty.

Let love live in your heart and touch thousands of souls.

Make your own rules. LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Allow yourself to trigger people with your unique light.

There is no structure in what life brings.

But there is your INNER guidance. Trust it and you will experience one miracle after another.

Connection instead of separation.

Love instead of struggle.

Deep trust instead of panic.

The bliss of being together on this earth instead of sadness because of the illusion of being alone.

Healing is always being in connection with life and never in loneliness. Loneliness comes from trauma and not from the divine essence.

Be brave start, join... it is time...

Electrolyte Light Explosion, we go through:

  • 2 months program
  • Assignments for Fast Reprogramming the mental Blocks and deep healing
  • 9 Weekly Zoom Live Lessons
  • 10 Video Lessons (including laws, programming, techniques, etc.)
  • Study 2 Books
  • Personal Contact

We get SOUL DOWNLOADs and allow the Soul to talk to us and Guide us.

Much Love

Stela Celeste

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billede af Stela Hansen
Stela Hansen
Destiny Coach, AIA Aromatherapist, Body Therapist

Who is Stela Hansen?

I am so privileged to be working with the Mind-Body- Nature connection.

1. I am a Certified Destiny Coach @ Dynamic Destinies (taught by the world-renowned Peggy Mc Coll. And am proud to be working with her programs).

2. Certified Aromatherapist recognized by AIA (Alliance of Internationale Aromatherapists)

(with training in Chemical Components, GC MS, Aromatherapy, Component blending, Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists, etc)

3. Clinical massage therapist (with training in: Cupping, Guasha, Trigger points, Trigger Points Acupuncture, Forward Head Posture, Shoulder Master Course Pack, Kinesio Taping, Anatomy Physiology, etc).

Clinical Applications and customer treatments

4. Product Development for EU market



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Magnus J
5 måneder siden
"Stela truly wants the best for you, and have alot of valuable information and insight in how the mind works. Instantly you will feel welcomed valued and heard. "

EN Butterfly: Fast Transformation (Reprogramming the Subconscious in 2 months)

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