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billede af online kurset: Mastering AI for Business: From Theory to Practice

Mastering AI for Business: From Theory to Practice

Mastering Business AI: Customer Service, Marketing, Operations, AI Ethics, Project Management, and Future Trends

650,00 kr.

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Understanding the Fundamentals of AI: Gain a solid understanding of what AI is, its different types, and the potential applications in various business sectors.

Leveraging AI in Customer Service: Learn how AI can enhance customer service, including the use of AI chatbots and sentiment analysis.

Leverage AI to boost marketing strategies and sales via customer segmentation and personalized marketing.

Streamline operations with AI through predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and inventory management.

Understand AI's ethical and legal implications, including data privacy, AI bias, and explainability.

Learn effective management of AI projects from planning and execution to monitoring for maximum value.

Cultivate an AI-ready culture, design AI-friendly processes, and implement robust AI governance.

Stay informed about AI's emerging trends including quantum computing, the metaverse, and evolving regulations.

Harness the power of AI with ChatGPT for creative and effective content generation.

Maximize productivity and efficiency with Zapier by automating crucial business workflows.

Elevate your business writing with WordTune, leveraging AI for clarity, precision, and impact.

Det får du:
  • 33m indhold - on demand

  • Ubegrænset adgang

  • Tilgængelig via mobil, tablet og computer


12 lektioner 33m 15s

Module 1: Introduction to AI and Business Applications

Module 2: AI in Automating Business Processes

Module 3: AI in Marketing and Sales

Module 4: AI in Operations and Logistics

Module 5: Ethics and Legal Considerations in AI

Module 6: AI Project Management

Module 7: Building an AI-Ready Organization

Module 8: Future Trends in AI and Business

Module 9: Enhancing Content Creation with ChatGPT

Module 10: Automating Business Processes with Zapier

Module 11: Refining Business Writing with WordTune

Module 12: Wrapping Up and Looking Forward


In the "Mastering AI for Business: From Theory to Practice" course, you'll embark on an extensive journey to understand and implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a business context. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to transform your business with AI, making it more efficient, customer-centric, and prepared for the future.

The course starts with a solid foundation in AI fundamentals, helping you understand what AI is and the different types of AI that exist. You'll then explore various practical applications of AI in business, including customer service, marketing, and operations. From AI chatbots to predictive analytics and supply chain optimization, you'll learn how AI can enhance each aspect of a business.

Beyond the practical applications, the course also delves into the ethical and legal considerations when implementing AI. You'll learn about issues such as data privacy, AI bias, and the importance of explainability in AI systems.

Another major focus of this course is the management of AI projects. Learn how to plan, execute, monitor, and control AI initiatives to ensure they deliver maximum value to your organization.

Finally, you'll gain insights into how to build an AI-ready organization and stay ahead of the curve by understanding emerging trends in AI and business.

Whether you're a business owner, manager, professional, aspiring AI professional, or student, this course is designed to equip you with the understanding and practical skills to leverage AI in your respective roles. Join the AI revolution and transform your business today!


  • Basic Computer Skills: Given the nature of the course, learners should be comfortable with using a computer, browsing the internet, and using basic software applications.
  • Interest in Business and Technology: While not a strict requirement, an interest in business and technology can make the learning process more engaging and meaningful.
  • Basic Understanding of Business Operations: It would be beneficial for learners to have a basic understanding of how businesses operate, including familiarity with concepts like customer service, marketing, sales, and operations.
  • Software Tools: Throughout the course, we'll be referring to various AI tools and platforms (like TensorFlow, Keras, Chatfuel, etc.). While it's not necessary to have these installed or mastered before starting the course, be prepared to explore these tools as part of your learning journey.

Din instruktør


Jacob Hartmann

AI Business Transformation Course Instructor

1 kursus

Meet Jacob Hartmann, a successful business owner from Denmark, who has found remarkable success in integrating Artificial Intelligence into every facet of his business. His journey with AI began by navigating through numerous courses, each contributing a piece to his comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Despite the knowledge he gained, Jacob Hartmann recognized a gap in the existing educational resources. He felt that the material could be made more accessible, digestible, and practical, empowering more people to grasp and apply AI in their businesses. This insight sparked the genesis of the "Mastering AI for Business: From Theory to Practice" course.

Jacob Hartmann believes in the transformative power of AI and is passionate about making this technology accessible to all. His teaching approach emphasizes real-world applications and practical strategies, demystifying complex concepts, and making AI less intimidating.

With the "Mastering AI for Business: From Theory to Practice" course, Jacob Hartmann brings his wealth of experience and unique teaching philosophy to the forefront, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and helping others to leverage the power of AI in their own businesses.



3 anmeldelser


Jakob D

et år siden
"Mega lækkert kursus! Det er grafisk veludført. Du bliver taget i hånden, og præsenteret for mulighederne med AI i din virksomhed"

Cecilie G

et år siden
"Det vildt godt visualiseret, hvilket gør at det ikke bliver kedeligt at lære. Godt kursus om hvordan kunstig intelligence kan bruges i virksomheder."

Nikolaj B

et år siden
"Super brugbart kursus. Jeg var lidt bange for, at det blev for kompliceret til mig, nu det var på engelsk, men det var slet ikke et problem. Nu sidder jeg tilbage med en masse viden som jeg har tænkt mig at hjælpe andre virksomheder med. Jeg har ledt efter sådan et kursus længe, så jeg slog til lige, da jeg så det. Det har jeg ikke fortrudt."

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